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Dear Customer,

I trust this letter finds you in good health and spirit. 

I hope that you can remember us, it has been a while since we last met. We have really missed you! There seems to be some light approaching at the end of the long tunnel and we now need to focus on the future rather than looking back at what has been an unbelievable period of our lives. 

First and foremost, please allow us to thank you all for being patient and for your understanding during this 'unprecedented event' in our lifetime. We have received some very touching messages and kind wishes from our loyal travelling public.  

Secondly, our sincere condolences and thoughts go out to anyone who has been affected by this horrible virus, it has truly been an awful time for so many families.

Whilst our office staff have been very busy behind the scenes cancelling, rescheduling, and transferring our passengers, our drivers are so eager to get back to work. Coach drivers are just not used to having to do household chores and staying in one place for very long. Please spare their wives and partners by getting them back to their previous day to day duties and destinations.

It is now just over four weeks since our Prime Minister set out his route map for the future which possibly resembled more of a tatty old A-Z with half the pages ripped out. We all look for some sort of clarity as we endeavour to escape this crazy situation that we have all been in for the last few months. If all goes according to the Governments plan, the hospitality sector should re-open on or around 4/7/20. For our great country to survive and thrive once more, the tourism industry and its associated businesses need your support, more than ever before. This ethos also applies to our very own company.

We, at A&P, hereby propose our version of a route map with a view to resuming our Day Excursion & Holiday/Short Break Programme. This route map of ours is intended to provide clarity of our intentions going forward. However please understand that all of this obviously does depend on everything else in society heading the right way over the next few weeks assuming positive progress against this ghastly virus continues.     

Please do not be scared to travel, our drivers won’t bite especially now they may have to wear muzzles/masks! They will be delighted to see you again. You will hopefully remember just how clean our coaches were before this virus came into our lives. Well now they will be even cleaner as we take great care and pride in our coaches and have recently enhanced our extreme cleaning regime.  We would not do anything to put our lovely customers or our loyal staff at risk of catching this virus. We will only act as and when we are allowed to do so, in a manner that we are allowed to and providing the conditions are right to do so. 

To ensure your safety we have:
⦁    Invested over £5500 in taking additional appropriate actions with your safety in mind. 
⦁    Invested in air purifying systems for all our vehicles which prevents unpleasant odours and neutralises micro-organisms, germs and allergenic pollen. The “eco 3 system” is based on the generation of negative ions and ozone in adequate proportions, increases oxygen content, keeping levels healthy and preventing the air inside the vehicle from vitiating.

⦁    Provided hand sanitisers at each entrance/exit which we request customers to use as they board and exit the vehicle.

⦁    Purchased fogging machines which sanitises and deodorises vehicles when combined with special agents that attack and destroy all germs, bacteria, viruses and spores in its path. These will be used after every journey as required.

⦁    Purchased non-contact thermometers for each coach to facilitate random checks on drivers’ and passengers’ forehead temperatures. 
⦁    Purchased sufficient supplies of specialist cleaning chemicals that are effective against Coronavirus.

⦁    Introduced an enhanced cleaning regime for all our vehicles paying special attention to high frequency touch points.

•    Carried out risk assessments in line with the latest government guidance to ensure that our vehicles/premises are considered COVID-19 secure.


Please remember that our coaches already offer extra legroom, in turn meaning that effectively you are further away from your travelling colleagues than you would be in other modes of transport, other standard coaches and most family size cars.

Rest assured that we will constantly adhere to the very latest guidelines on social distancing and maintaining cleanliness as set out by HM Government and the Health & Safety Executive, we would ask our travelling public to do the same. This may involve a whole range of different regulations and restrictions being put in place for a while that would be different to our “old way” of travelling. We will obviously keep you updated on these regulations.

Going forward, providing the Government allows us to, we plan:


⦁    SLEAFORD/GRANTHAM AREA – We will hopefully begin operating a few local day excursions (within Lincolnshire) from mid-July onwards. For the month of August, we hope to extend the travelling distance a little further. These will be advertised on separate flyer sheets, please request your copy from our office. From September, we will issue a new Day Trip brochure for the forthcoming Autumn/Winter period.

⦁    DONINGTON/SPALDING AREA – We hope to continue with our original programme of Day Excursions resuming from 13th August 2020. We have rescheduled some of the more popular excursions to alternative dates, please enquire. A new brochure for 2021 will be available towards the end of the year.

⦁    BILLINGBOROUGH/BOURNE AREA – Our original programme of Day Excursions will resume from 1st October 2020. A new brochure for 2021 will be available towards the end of the year.

⦁    UK BASED HOLIDAYS & SHORT BREAKS – we will hopefully resume, by enlarge from 1st August 2020. There may be the odd exception due to certain restrictions in place. We have rescheduled some dates from previous postponed tours so please ensure to ask for our latest updated information.


⦁    IRISH HOLIDAYS – we hope to continue as planned adhering to the very latest Government and FCO travelling advice.

⦁    CONTINENTAL HOLIDAYS – these will be judged on an individual basis following the most up to date Government and FCO travelling advice. We will be in touch with all customers personally to discuss matters.

⦁    Our new 2021 Holiday and Short Breaks brochure will be available by October this year. 



⦁    Our office will open to accept telephone enquiries/emails/bookings from Monday 15th June. Further information can be found on our website at

⦁    We will be delighted to welcome personal visitors from Monday 22nd June. We kindly ask customers to respect good hygiene and social distancing measures which includes restricting the number of customers in our office at any one time.

Despite finding ourselves in this strange situation which none of us asked for, we are having to deal with things in a way that none of us are used to. We do politely ask for you all to be kind, understanding, patient and show good old-fashioned common sense and courtesy as we all try to find our old way of life once again. 

Never before have we needed your support as much as we do in current circumstances following this dreadful virus and its economic effects. Please support us and all other small, family owned businesses locally meaning we can all survive and thrive once more. Please spread the word, far and wide!

Life without travel is called Quarantine…… and none of us have enjoyed that! 

Continue to Keep Safe and Kind Regards

Alan, Paul & all the staff at A&P Travel.