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Passenger Guidelines For A&P Travel Excursions

  • Following the Governments latest announcement dated 27th January 2022 we are no longer by law required to wear a face mask whilst travelling aboard a public service vehicle. However, as we are all aware, the virus has not disappeared so we must proceed with sensibility and caution. Therefore, although it is no longer a legal requirement we will encourage the use of a face mask whilst travelling on an A&P vehicle. 


  • Please note that there may well be very different restrictions in others part of the UK and we will adhere to the latest guidelines for each country that we are travelling in.


  • We ask that you continue to make use of our automatic hand sanitising machines each time you enter our vehicles.


  • We will continue to uphold our rigorous cleaning regimes and do our very best to provide you with a clean travelling environment.


  • In line with the latest advice offered by our trade association and that received from Government departments, we will be loading to capacity. We will endeavour to sit single passengers separately, but we can no longer guarantee a double seat for sole use.


  • Our procedures will be kept under constant review and we reserve the right to make further updates as the situation changes.


  • We ask that if you feel unwell or show any symptoms of the virus, please do not travel.


  • We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your care and consideration, your understanding and your loyal custom throughout this very challenging period.


  • Let’s keep on keeping everyone safe and Keep the Faith


  • Thanks from all the team at A&P 

Steps We Have Taken To Ensure Your Safety​​


  • We Have...​ invested over £6500 in taking additional appropriate actions with your safety in mind.

  • Carried out a risk assessment in line with the latest government guidance to ensure that our vehicles are considered COVID-19 secure.

  • Invested in air purifying systems for all our vehicles. This equipment prevents unpleasant odours and neutralizes micro-organisms, germs and allergenic pollen. The 'Eco 3 System' is based on the generation of negative ions and ozone in adequate proportions, increasing oxygen content, keeping levels healthy and preventing the air inside the vehicle from vitiating.

  • Provided hand sanitisers at each entrance and exits which we require customers to use as they board and exit the vehicle.

  • Purchased fogging machines which sanitises and deodorises when combined with special agents that attack and destroy all germs, bacteria, viruses and spores in it's path. These will be used after every journey as required.

  • Purchased non-contact thermometers for each coach to facilitate random checks on drivers' and passengers' forehead temperatures.

  • Purchased sufficient supplies of specialist cleaning chemicals that are affective against Coronavirus.

  • Purchased specialist chemicals that seal and protect surfaces ensuring protection against COVID-19 for up to 30 days.

  • Introduced an enhanced cleaning regime for all our vehicles paying special attention to high frequency touch points.

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With these measures in mind, please be assured that your coach will arrive in a sanitised, clean, virus free condition; and that we have the following steps in place to prevent the spread of the virus during coach excursions. Furthermore, these protocols comply with World Health Organisation guidelines, which are fully achievable on our coaches. Our normal forward-facing seat arrangements avoid 'face to face' proximity and the physical barrier of the high-backed seats, plus the use of face coverings will all help to ensure maximum safety.

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Let's Save Tourism Together!

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